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Hey there, welcome to Hindustan Updates – your go-to spot for all things happening in the India! We kicked off this journey on January , 2024. Our goal is pretty straightforward: delivering reliable and timely news in the Hindi language.

Our home base? The lively city of Punjab. We’re on a mission to empower the people of India with news that’s both comprehensive and unbiased, hoping to keep everyone in the loop and well-informed. Our aim is to connect with the pulse of the state through our unique brand of journalism.

Our awesome editorial team, we’re all about maintaining integrity and high journalistic standards. Even though the media landscape is always changing, our values stay rock solid.

And it’s not just Hindi news – we’re spreading the word far and wide with our English and Hindi sites. Catch us on social media, where we’re sharing multimedia content across different platforms or contact us contactus@hindustanupdates.com

Here at Hindustan Updates, we’re proud to be part of the social fabric, weaving into the dynamic narrative of the state. Thanks a bunch for choosing us as your news source. Let’s explore and stay informed together!